Easy Livin': Singles A's & B's

Easy Livin': Singles A's & B's Сборник 2006 года


Диск 1


  1. Gypsy [Single Edit]
  2. Wake Up (Set Your Sights) [U.S. Single Edit]
  3. Bird of Prey
  4. High Priestess [Single Edit]
  5. Time to Live
  6. Lady in Black [Single Edit]
  7. Simon the Bullet Freak [Non-Album Euro Single B-Side]
  8. Look at Yourself [Single Edit]
  9. Wizard
  10. Easy Livin'
  11. Why [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  12. Stealin'
  13. Sunshine [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  14. Something or Nothing
  15. What Can I Do
  16. Prima Donna
  17. Shout It Out [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  18. Return to Fantasy [Single Edit]
  19. Time Will Come [Non-Album Euro Single B-Side] -
  20. Wise Man
  21. Crime of Passion [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  22. Masquerade



Диск 2

  1. Free Me
  2. Love or Nothing
  3. Gimme Love [Non-Album Euro Single B-Side]
  4. Come Back to Me
  5. Cheater [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  6. Right to Live [Non-Album Promo. Single B-Side]
  7. Carry On
  8. Been Hurt [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  9. Love Stealer [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  10. Think It Over
  11. My Joanna Needs Tuning [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  12. On the Rebound [Single Edit]
  13. Tin Soldier [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  14. Son of a Bitch [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  15. That's the Way It Is
  16. Stay on Top
  17. Playing for Time [Non-Album Single B-Side]
  18. Hold Your Head Up
  19. Miracle Child
  20. Blood Red Roses
  21. Look at Yourself [Live]
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