"Cross That Line"


What do you say to a talk over dinner

Though we haven't spoken for a while

This time I won't take no for an answer

You can't hide forever

From your only son

Let's take a seat

Right here by the window

I remember how you like the view

Now look me in the eye

The truth I wanna hear

The time is right

There's a shadow hanging

Over me tonight

Tell me what you did now

Even though it hurts to say it

It's always been a mystery

Locked behind the door

Tell me if it's true now

Do you need the heart to say it

I always did my best for you

Don't you lie

Don't you lie no more

You taught me the way

To be a winner

And never to play

On the losing side

I guess that I turned out

The way you always planned

So hard, to cross that line

But the words have got to come

From you this time
© 2021 Uriah Heep
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