"Fallen Angel"


Fallen Angel... Fallen Angel...

Everyone I see reminds me of you

I keep turnin' round expectin' you to be there

I keep seein' our past through my looking glass

But fallen angel where are you now

After all these years I remember the tears

As we parted you said don't forget me

You were ridin' so high now they're passin' you by

Girl I never forgot you please come and get me

Livin' without you is hard enough anyway

But knowin' you're hurtin' makes it so much worse every day

I just wanna love you

Any way that I can

But watchin' you cry wasn't part of my plan

Fallen Angel... Fallen Angel...

Tell me how did it feel in your promised land

That you chose as your pain and your pleasure

A temporary sanctuary

Oh fallen angel I am you real treasure

Fallen Angel... Fallen Angel...
© 2021 Uriah Heep
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