Feelings, empty feelings

Prayin', hopin', needin'

Just when I wanted to hold you

You're leavin', you're leavin'

Leavin', leavin'

When we meet

Every night in the bar

If I'm feelin' alright

We'll get high in your car

Then come morning

And you will be gone

You're my five-minute friend

And you've gotta move on

And you don't stop me

Thinkin' my feelings

And I'm hidin' the hurtin' inside

And I know how you

Set my heart reelin'

As I see it and swallow my pride

Well, either you don't give a damn

Or you don't even care to pretend

Or you won't spare a thought

Though you know

It must come to an end

And I've got those feelings...
© 2021 Uriah Heep
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