Sometimes I'm certain. sometimes my mind is filled with doubt

Some thoughts lay heavy here, sometimes I think it's figured out

Imagination, endless voyage of discovery

I'm at once impatient and afraid some day you may walk out on me

At least when you're with me, I'm not afraid to live with mistery

For I'm sure know how sad one night without a dream can be

Imagination, bitter-sweet companion as my time flies by

Love-hate relation, hand in hand toward infinity

Lead me here, lead me there

Everywhere if you really dare

Today, tonight, tomorrow

You don't have to take my hand

I'll take it just the way it's planned

Lead on, speed on, I'll follow

When you see me coming ,you've gonna know I'm not alone

Me and my imagination

We'll be side by side any way the wind is blown

Love songs and fantasies, they've kept us busy since the day we met

But each new horizon only reminds us it's not over yet
© 2021 Uriah Heep
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