"Suicidal Man"


Waiting by the window

Staring at my shadow

Not believing what I'd seen

Touching but not feeling

And wondering in what I was dealing

And not knowing where I'd been

So I began walking

And to myself I was talking

But didn't know which way to go

Then I found a direction

And now I needed some action

But I should have just said no

Should have said no

Why won't you help me or give me hand

'Cause I'm close to becoming a suicidal man

What I need is someone with a definite plan

For I've waited for just about as long as I can

Suicidal man, suicidal, suicidal

Suicidal man

So on my travels

Still with all my troubles

I found someone who cared

The answer was so easy

That all she did to please me

Was to say a problem's smaller when it's shared

He was a suicidal man, he was a suicidal man

He was a suicidal man, he was a suicidal man

Who was he, suicidal man, who was he, suicidal man

suicidal man, suicidal man

[ad lib vocals to end]
© 2021 Uriah Heep
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