"Tin Soldier"


I am the little tin soldier

That wants to jump into your fire

You, oh, look in your eye

A dream passing by in the skies

I don't understand

All I need is to treat me like a man

I ain't no child, take me like I am

I've got some love that belongs to you

I'll do anything that you want me to

I'll sing any song that you want me

To sing to you

All I need is your whispered hello

Smile smelting the snow

Nothing heard

Your eyes, oh, deeper than time

I see a love that won't

Rhyme without words

So now bless my way

I need help to show me things to say

Give me your love

Before mine breaks away

I don't need no aggrevation

I just got to make you

I just got to make you understand

I just want some reaction

Someone to give me satisfaction

I love you
© 2021 Uriah Heep
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