"What Should Be Done"


So you think you found a way of living

That prevents you losing any sleep

Well my friend take this that I am giving

It's your piece of mind you oughta keep

You'll run into trouble, for sure

By living behind a locked door

Will you run the risk of being taunted

By doing what you want to do

Or do you prefer to have your whole life haunted

By the ones who choose to care for you?

Beware of their motives, my friend

Take care you're still there at the end

Watch out for winter, it'll bite you with cold

Black spirits trying hard to bribe you with gold

Would you steal a nickel from a blind man?

Well right now I do believe you would

It's not the thought of you doing it that hurts me

It's the mind behind it that's no good

If this is your way I don't want to know

There's only so far I can go

I won't go no further not for you or anyone

I have my own ideas of what should be done

What should be done

What should be done

What should be done
© 2021 Uriah Heep
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