"Won't Have To Wait Too Long"


It's a quarter to seven on a Saturday morning

I open my eyes after the Friday night -

I don't worry about the rain upon my window

'Cos where I'm going I know the sun will always shine

So now I'm heading away down to Rio de Janeiro

I'll be leaving all my lonely times behind -

And if I'm looking for love in Rio de Janeiro

There'll be someone there I know who'll find the time

In this golden -place, there's a smiling face

I've got to find

And I won't have to wait too long before she's mine

My friends are telling me I'm chasing rainbows

Or searching for the gold beneath the sea -

But rainbows only shine when it's been raining

And gold can never keep you company -

So now I'm wondrin' what to say in conversation

To the lady of my dreams that I should meet -

If I speak to her in the language of all nations

Then I'm sure that she'd be knocked right off her feet -

And I know she will, then I'll love her till

The end of time -

And I won't have to wait too long before she's mine

Well I've been happy enough in Rio de Janeiro

I've got a woman here that I can call my own -

But it doesn't matter if I'm living here or there

'Cos she used to live next door to me back home -

But if you're thinking that I've settled down forever

I'll be telling you you've made a big mistake -

'Cos I'll be heading away down to Denver, Colorado

There's a woman there I've got to try and make -

She can fill the hole in my heart and soul

For a long, long time -

And know I won't have to wait too long before she's mine
© 2021 Uriah Heep
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